Schaltkreis Wassermann: vinyl double album

Listen now to the 35 years anniversary Schaltkreis Wassermann album including all their 1980’s minimal synth productions (which were not used on the debut Psychotron from 1982).

The second album by Schaltkreis Wassermann is a luxuriously equipped vinyl double album and will be released by Private Records, Berlin, in February 2016. It contains singles, edits (Space Shuttle), a soundtrack (LUX) and unreleased minimal synth tracks, That weren’t on the first album PSYCHOTRON.

Now on YouTube there are promo snippets from the new album, along with previously unreleased fotos of Stella & Pj Wassermann from the early eighties.

All the tracks have been remastered by PJ Wassermann and sound just excellent.

Video including a lot never seen before pix and unreleased songs.

The music has been mainly created with these instruments:
• ARP 2600 (our favorite!)
• ARP Avatar (guitar synth, very difficult to play, but with a fantastic sound)
• Roland 100M modular system
• Sequential Circuits Prophet V
• Roland Vocoder SVC-350
• PJ’s modified Fender Telecaster
• Stella’s wonderful vocals.

more details on Discogs:

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