Schaltkreis Wassermann at Neuwestberlin

It was great to play the Private Records Festival at Neuwestberlin on Friday 13th 2016. Some people had been driving to Berlin from the South of Germany and other distant places to see Schaltkreis Wassermann perform. Asteriza did her great-as-usual visuals. I played the SY-300 guitar synth, the Mopho, the VT-3 vocoder and the Kaossillator. My backing tracks consist mainly of material from the Psychotron and the SKW albums plus three new tracks.

After the concert I received beautiful comments like “mind-blowing”, “very inspiring”, “a wonderful journey” – somebody even said “it was the best concert of my life”.

I’m a bit mad at myself because I forgot to record. Alas, right before the concert I’m usually in such a tunnel-view state of mind that I forget everything else. Somebody needs to remind me to push the record button…

Special thanks to Janis Nowacki of Private Records and to Patrice of Neuwestberlin for his beautiful and artful location. Fotos by Asteriza, Janis and PJ.









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