I-Robots EP “Glamouflage” with two remixes by Schaltkreis Wassermann​

I-Robots EP “Glamouflage” out now. With two remixes by Schaltkreis Wassermann​ that got some very nice reviews from several DJs. Soon out on vinyl, too.

– Francois Kevorkian: “Great package, lots of good versions in there. I have a bit of a preference for the Kuniyuki Jungle Remix, but the Schaltkreis Wassermann version is great and very playable as well.”

– Richard Sen: “All good. My fave I think is Schaltkreis Wassermann’s mix.”

– Kenny ‘The Wasp’ Greive: “Thank you, Schaltkreis Wasserman remix for me”

– Josh Caffe: “Really feeling the track featuring Schaltkreis. Nice funk elements.”

– Severino Panzetta: “Schaltkreis remix my fav.”

Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/label/opilec-music/13244


Get in touch if you want a remix done by Schaltkreis Wassermann!


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