I like Apple Music but AAC sounds awful

I’ve been a (non-paying) subscriber to Spotify for a while but I never made friends with it, I just didn’t like its user interface. When Apple Music arrived of course I had to try it out and I liked it from the very first moment. I gave it some information about my music likes and the app immediately came up with loads of music suggestions that hit my sweet spot. All of a sudden I had access to all the music that I had been listening to ages ago, Genesis, Kraftwerk, Supremes, Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Santana – it was all there and pushed me into music intoxication.

The section I like most is ‘For You’. So many playlists and albums that I can relate to. Listening to one song generates more suggestions that invite to dive deep into music history. Fantastic!

I still have to explore in more detail the many playlists in the ‘New’ section, presented by Mojo Magazine, Rolling Stone, DJ Mag and many more. I haven’t been too impressed by what I heard, I couldn’t really relate to any the of ‘best songs of 2015’ presented by Rolling Stone but of course I have a special kind of taste…

The only real drawback is sound quality. It sounds OK when I listen through the iPhone speakers or on my MacBook Pro. But when I presented ‘The Musical Box’ by Genesis to my girlfriend on my HiFi system (with KRK speakers) it sounded so bad that I thought something was broken. Overcompressed, no real bass, no real highs, no warmth. I checked out my own music from my ‘Space Drone Salad’ album and it sounded just awful, too. Then I put on the CD and the music was there again in all its splendour. AAC* is just a simulation of music, not the real thing! Apple should offer an enhanced subscription in CD quality for those who care about sound quality.

I like Apple Music but AAC sounds awful!

*AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) is a compression method that reduces the file size of the music. It’s a little bit better than mp3 but not much. More info here at wikipedia.

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