Early 80s

Early 80s – singles, edits & unreleased tracks

The album Early 80s was remastered from the original tapes recorded at Stella’s and PJ Wassermann’s Space-Sound-Studio in the early 80s. The original master tape of „Sex Is Out, Ich Bin Geklont“ has just been rediscovered in 2017. Tracks 5 to 11 had been recorded before the legendary cult album PSYCHOTRON and have never been released in digital form before (there has been a limited vinyl release on the album „SKW“ by Private Records, Berlin).

The order is not chronological. First on the album are the two singles „Sex is Out“ and „Space Shuttle“ with their respective B-sides „Vierspur“ and „Hyperspace“. „Sex is Out“ and „Vierspur“ have better sound quality than in previous vinyl releases, as the original master tapes have been rediscovered recently. „Sex is Out“ had been the first release ever of Schaltkreis Wassermann in 1981, while „Space Shuttle“ has been released after the album PSYCHOTRON. „Space Shuttle“ had originally been a soundtrack music for a Swiss TV series covering the original launch of the US space carriers. On this album you find a prolonged edit of this early 80s space hymn.

The rest of the album consists of previously unreleased Schaltkreis music with „Fly with us“ being the oldest recording. It had been recorded at the electronic music studio of Basel Academy of Music where Stella and PJ had made their first electronic studio experiences.

A lot of the melody tracks have been played with the ARP Avatar, one of the first guitar synths. It was infamous for its often erroneous tracking, resulting in weird beeps and glitches that you can hear in some of the pieces of this album. On the other hand it had a fantastic sound with the same circuitry as the famous ARP Odyssey. Other instruments used were:
• ARP 2600
• Sequential Circuits Prophet V
• Roland System 100M
• Roland Space Echo
• Roland Phaser, Flanger and Vocoder
• Marshall Time Modulator
• Roland MicroComposer MC-4
• Boss Dr. Rhythm drum machine
• Roland TR 808 drum machine

Tape recording was first done with a TEAC 4track and later with an Otari MX 5050 8track tape machine.

PJ Wassermann: „I hated the relatively lousy sound quality of the TEAC 4track and the fact that we had only four tracks. So we had to do a lot of premixing, always losing some sound quality in the process. I wasn’t satisfied with the results we were achieving and that was the main reason we didn’t want to release these tracks. Today I think that there are a lot of interesting ideas in these songs and some of them are quite elaborate compositions and treasures of early analog synth music.“

Early 80s was remastered from the original tapes recorded at Stella’s and PJ Wassermann’s Space-Sound-Studio in the early 80s.

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Some special info by PJ Wassermann about the track “Fly with us”:
This is the first song that Stella and I produced in a real studio with a Trident mixing console and a 16track recorder. In about 1980 we attended a workshop with composer David Johnson who was in charge of the Electronic Studio of Musikakademie Basel at that time. He liked our enthusiasm and when he left for a summer vacation he gave us the key to the studio. We slept there on the floor in our sleeping bags and produced „Fly With Us“. There was a Serge Modular and we had our ARP 2600 and my ARP Avatar guitar synth that was used for melodies. Barney Palm played the percussion.

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