Background on the EP 2600noise

Get some background on the EP 2600noise by Schaltkreis Wassermann (for basic info click here). It has just been released on April 6th 2018 and contains four completely new productions. PJ Wassermann comments his new tracks:

“In the early 80s Stella and I thought that Schaltkreis Wassermann was a complete flop. There was no internet and we didn’t know that LUX was very successful on Italian Cosmic dance floors. So we turned our attention to other projects. Until 2003 when Alex Gloor showed up. He’s a Swiss DJ who had been living in New York for 20 years and he’s also part of the duo In Flagranti. He told us that Schaltkreis had a cult status in his electronic music scene and we should continue this project.

That sounded good, we re-released PSYCHOTRON as a CD and started thinking about new Schaltkreis music and going live with it. I created one hour of new repertoire and in 2008 we did the first live gigs. Our audiences loved it, mainly in Switzerland, Ibiza and once in Athens with Beppe Loda. But Stella kept saying „this is not Schaltkreis“. In a way she was right, it was kind of space-rock. But why not invent ourselves anew? I just felt like playing guitar in this project and she didn’t like it. So we kept quarreling and up to this day I have an uneasy relationship with these songs that have never been released so far. Someday I will get them ready for release.

Then Stella got seriously ill and sadly died in 2011. One year later Private Records, a Berlin label that specialises in re-issues of forgotten treasures of electronic music, re-released PSYCHOTRON on vinyl. I was invited to play an extended DJ-Set in Berlin and people loved it. The next day label-head Janis Nowatzki took me to a friend who had some vintage synths, especially an ARP 2600 which has been my favorite Schaltkreis synthesizer. We started jamming and I immediately realised that although I hadn’t been working the old synths for a long time, all my skills were still there. Janis and I started talking about possibly producing and releasing some new Schaltkreis Wassermann material. He wanted it to be completely done on the old analog synths.

It took me some years to get my old equipment up and running again. Except the Prophet V which had to be replaced by a new Prohpet 6. But the real difficulty about reviving Schaltkreis with new material was this: on one hand to continue the feeling from the glorious early 80s and on the other hand to define a new and contemporary style. And I didn’t want to go retro and just repeat what we had done so many years ago. It was clear that I would include my old synths but I didn’t feel like completely staying away from the equally intriguing new software synthesizers and effects. So I’ve been composing and experimenting these last few years. And of course when I played my new song ideas to my DJ and label friends they kept telling me „this is not really Schaltkreis!“, just like Stella. In the end I got annoyed and decided just to do what I like and what I personally feel is right for this project. The outcome is the new EP „2600noise“. I like it and I hope you like it, too!

Maybe one day I’ll go back to the idea of creating some new songs only with my old equipment, who knows…”

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