Schaltkreis Wassermann in the early 80s: Stella & PJ Wassermann.

Schaltkreis Wassermann today: PJ Wassermann playing the ARP 2600.

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Schaltkreis Wassermann is a veteran group of early eighties electronica with their cult album PSYCHOTRON. The duo that consisted of Stella & PJ Wassermann fused wild psychedelic experiments with their exploration of analog synthesizers that at that time were completely new and futuristic. But they also included pop and dance elements.

PSYCHOTRON was number 7 of the Synthesizer charts in British Melody Maker. It was also very successful in the Italian Cosmic / Afro scene with famous DJs Beppe Loda and Daniele Baldelli. Especially the track LUX was a hit in Italian discos.

Their instruments in the early 80ies were:

• ARP 2600

• ARP Avatar guitar synthesizer (the guitar part in the Avatar didn’t work really well so this instrument was often used as a sound module, basically identic with the ARP Odyssey)

• Roland 100M modular synth

• Sequential Circuits Prophet V (Rev 2)

• Roland Dr. Rhythm and later Roland TR-808 drum machine

• Roland MC4 MicroComposer as the central controlling hub and compositional machine


Effects included Roland RE-201 Space Echo, the Roland SVC 350 Vocoder, Roland Phasers and Flangers and the Marshall Time-Modulator.

Schaltkreis did a couple of live gigs at that time but found it impossible to reproduce their sound on stage with the available technology. Stella & PJ turned their interest to other musical projects and forgot about Schaltkreis.

In 2004 Swiss-American DJ Alex Gloor (In Flagranti) urged them to re-release PSYCHOTRON as a CD. Schaltkreis was on the map again.

Sadly Stella died in 2011.

Before her passing away, in 2009 and 2010, Schaltkreis Wassermann had a series of concerts with a totally new repertoire between electronica, ambient, rock and psyTrance in Switzerland, Ibiza, Formentera and Athens. The performances were accompanied by psychedelic projections. Most of the concerts were wildy successful, leaving enthusiastic audiences behind. But Stella always said that this music wasn’t really Schaltkreis, she didn’t like the electric guitar and the rock elements that came with it. Probably sooner or later this material will be released.

In June 2012 Berlin label Private Records re-released PSYCHOTRON on vinyl. The first pressing was accompanied by the first Schaltkreis single “Sex is Out, ich bin geklont”. For the release party in Sameheads, Berlin, PJ did an extended DJ gig with old Schaltkreis material (released and unreleased), some remixes and some new tracks. Asteriza did visual projections. It was a great gig but unfortunately there are no fotos or videos.

In 2016 there were three more live gigs by Schaltkreis Wassermann, one in Berlin and two in Switzerland. PJ was playing the BOSS SY300 guitar synthesizer plus some synth modules. This live concept is open for bookings. Please get in touch.


The latest release is “Early 80s”.


A completely new album is in production.