Schaltkreis Wassermann is one of the pioneering electronic groups of the early eighties.

The album PSYCHOTRON of 1982 has become a much sought after cult object. In June 2012 it has been re-released on vinyl by Berlin label Private Records.

Now there’s the new album “Early 80s” that contains singles, edits and unreleased tracks that were produced before PSYCHOTRON. Available at all download/streaming platforms and in full quality at Beatport.

Schaltkreis Wassermann is available for live gigs.

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The very successful premiere of the new Schaltkreis Wassermann live act happened in Lucerne, Switzerland, at Klub Kegelbahn on April 8th 2016. You can hear snippets of this concert on the top of this web page or at Soundcloud.

The next gigs were at Record Store Day in Basel vinyl store Plattfon and then in Berlin at Neuwestberlin on May 13th 2016. On all three gigs VJ Asteriza displayed her visuals – collages of old Schaltkreis graphics, fotos from the early 80ies and other trippy pictures and videos.

The new live repertoire consists of tracks from the new vinyl double album „SKW“, the Psychotron album, singles from the first period of  Schaltkreis and then some completely new music. Tracks like LUX and Hyperspace have been produced anew, partly using original samples. Generally my favorite synths from the 80ies have been used, like ARP 2600, ARP Avatar, Roland 100M and Prophet 6 (in place of the original Prophet V that is defective, unfortunately). The old tracks have partly been treated with additional 808 drums and old samples.

In my live set I play these instruments:
– the new guitar synth Boss SY-300,
– the Roland Voice-Transformer VT-3,
– the Mopho analog synth and the
– KORG Kaossillator.

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